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Jerry Parish
pv works, inc
7154 North University Drive #126
Tamarac, FL 33321

Phone: 954.366-6073
Fax: 954.742.4086

E-mail: jerry@pvworks.com

pv works, inc. (PVW) is committed to meeting your video systems and components requirements. After a successful start in 2013 (formally Western Video - SE Sales), "IP" solutions continue to lead in our customer requirements. PVW's corer customers are looking at IP solutions while showing continued interest analog solutions. We continue to research new products including cameras, optics, controls, annotators, routers, displays and copper/fiber/RF transmission solutions.

PVW is a systems integrator, dealer and distributor specializing in military and industrial markets providing video systems and components incorporating IP, HD and NTSC color cameras, near-IR and IR (thermal) cameras, long focal length zoom lenses, environmental housings, remote controls, IRIG generators, IRIG inserters, recorders and displays.

MILITARY VIDEO FOR TEST RANGES - A large portion of our business is for military range instrumentation tracking, surveillance and range safety. We specialize in systems usually found working in an extreme environment, with full feature remote control, over long distances, and often with range data. We can provide state-of-the-art broadcast-quality zoom lenses up to 3,200 mm from Fuji Film (formerly Fujinon), Cosmicar and other manufacturers.

HARSH ENVIRONMENTS - PVW offers the best quality and most appropriate manufacturer's equipment in a completely integrated solution which may involve machining and modifications of commercially available off-the-shelf-equipment (COTS). This allows us to be competitive in the government markets and provide a system that is supportable in the field no matter where it is deployed.


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