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Jerry Parish

PV Works, Inc.
7154 North University Drive #126
Tamarac, FL 33321

Phone: 954.366.6073
Fax: 954.742.4086

Email: jerry@pvworks.com


IR Thermal Un cooled and cooled cameras

IR (Infrared) Thermal "Un cooled" 9 to 14 wavelength solid-state and cooled "mid-wave" Cameras, Lenses, Housings and controls. Please contact you WVI office to discuss your system requirements.


Axsys (Diop), BAE, Pelco, ...


Pelco Thermal Camera

Pelco Sarix® Thermal Camera

At the core of the Sarix TI Series is an uncooled, sun-safe microbolometer, long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) camera that delivers up to 640 x 480 thermal video. These cameras feature an amorphous silicon detector, which has lower fixed pattern noise and a more uniform response than vanadium oxide detectors, while still maintaining high resolution and sensitivity when exposed directly to the sun during normal daylight hours..

Axsys FieldPro5X

Axsys FieldPro5X cooled

The Axsys FieldPro5x; a continuous zoom cooled 3-5µm thermal camera is the system of choice for security and infrared surveillance. With outstanding long-range target detection and recognition, the FieldPro 5x combines exceptional performance with Axsys reliability and ease of use.

thermal imaging system

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