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Jerry Parish

PV Works, Inc.
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Range Safety and Surveillance Camera Systems

Range Areas have unique requirements that need to be considered when selecting the cameras, optics, positioner, remote control components, communication equipment, display and recorders

The Environment (Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Explosive...) is a major factor, Distances impact optics and communication issues, Remote Control requirements, Real-time monitoring and Recording (compressed?) all get factored into a solution.

PV Works has over 30 years experience addressing these special requirements using (whenever possible) COTS equipment from Pelco, Cohu, Panasonic, Bosch, Vicon, Hitachi, JVC...


Please contact your local sales office to discuss your specific requirements


Cohu, Pelco, PVW...

WVI Environmental camera and control

PVW Model PVW-1595 Sealed and pressurized environmental housing.

Single chip or three chip color camera options including HD
Motorized zoom lens options up to 506mm focal length
- 6.5" diameter by 22" long
- Pressurized with 5 PSI dry nitrogen
- Dual heaters
- Sun Shield
- Special mounting hardware for lens and camera support
- Remote Control Receiver Driver
-Custom cable lengths

WVI Big Boy Camera

PVW Big Boy-Extended

High Performance Broadcast Quality Environmental Long Range Camera Assembly - Integrated - Tested - Documented
Consisting of the following components:
- 3 Chip - Color camera (800 TVL resolution)
- 20mm - 2200mm Zoom Lens
- Remote camera/lens control receiver
- Sealed/Pressurized camera Housing
- Heavy Outdoor Duty Pan/Tilt
- Master remote control receivers and
- Remote (Slave) control receivers
- Integration of GFE FieldPro IR cameras.

WVI Dual Camera System

PV Works
3-chip color camera, 23X to 506mm zoom lens mounted in a sealed/pressurized environmental housing.

Thermal IR zoom lens camera

Single Remote camera control receiver/driver

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